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Prayer Everyone


«We pray together»In our modern world, we often do not have enough time to pray or read the Bible, so we stay away from God, and forget our spiritual development. This is the best and largest Book of Common Prayer, the Catholic prayer, which will help closer to God.Prayer is one of the ways spiritual growth. By reading a prayer, we can turn to God, immortal, guardian angel, and ask for their help and protection. This is particularly necessary when people face life in a different misfortune, such as illness, disaster, depression, injustice, unanswered love or other difficult circumstances. Catholic prayer is to improve every aspect of the perfect life.
When we read the Bible, or praying to God, which is communicated to us creators of the best ways, because we directly talk to him, he listens to us at this particular moment. If we ask the help of the saints, we told them our information, they will ask God to help us. The Catholic Church also called for prayers turn patronage and protection of a guardian angel.
Angels Catholic prayer - prayer dedicated to our guardian angel. God has given each person his guardian angel who protects his invisible misfortune and disaster warning throughout all his life on Earth, said, against sin, the terrible hour protection in the death, even after his death does not leave one person. Angels are pleased that our virtues repentance and prosperity, trying to fill our spiritual thinking and help us in every good thing. The prayer book contains many important prayer that each day will become a reliable assistant of a religious person.Daily reading.Prayer blessing - is another important category. Read prayers as we seek help and Gods blessing.Sick of prayer - for their commitment to sick people, who are in need of help, care and strong sponsorship category. Prayer can help sick people recover faster, because they help purify the soul from evil.Padua Prayer of St. Anthony - is a commitment to St. Anthony of Padua, a famous Catholic saint and preacher, who are poor commuters and tourists very strong category.Content Category:Angel prayer - is dedicated to the guardian angel of our categories. We had a lot of our redemption and patronage of different angel prayer.Bedtime Prayers - by prayer areas for bedtime reading. Bedtime prayer and prayer every day in some situations.Childrens Prayer - is the category intended for children. Children prayer can care for their parents or relatives tend, for those who are sick or in need of help.Daily prayer - is the category suitable for everyday use. Religious person who is not close to the Bible can upload the application, and pray at any time they want. Daily prayer is their ideal solution.Healing Prayers - is a class that can help people improve their health. Each prayer is heard Gods healing prayer is what we might need in difficult times.Prayer of the Holy Spirit - the Spirit of categories including prayer. Pray the Holy Spirit can cleanse us from sins filth, we are filled with the power of the saints.Jesus Prayer - is committed to Jesus Christ and the Catholic prayer category. Jesus Christ have mercy on prayer or remission of sins.Mary prayer - is dedicated to the Mother of God St. Mary categories. Mary prayer, very suitable for everyone, because they mean is that if you have become your mother for help or protection.Matins - is the category whole morning prayers every day. If you do not have a Bible in hand, you can use the Matins
If you think something is missing, the applications prayer book, or if you want to add some prayer or function in it, please let us know that it wrote to the US or comments, we will check all your requests and suggestions, Try to implement.